Understanding Options Order Flow with the

Bull Trades Platform

Options order flow can be the most powerful tool in a traders tool kit. Bull Trades filters unusual options activity through our proprietary algorithm and organizes it in a way that traders of all levels can understand. Use our system to observe what institutional level traders are buying and selling.

Order Flow Basics

Sweep Order

An intermarket sweep order is a type of order that sweeps across several different exchanges with stealth and quick execution. Smart Money enters with urgency while staying under the radar by splitting order across several exchanges. Bull Trades Dashboard tracks these micro transactions and consolidates the data for you. This can be used to indicate a major catalyst approaching on the underlying symbol.

Trade Order

A Trade order on our Dashboard signals a massive option block purchase used by institutional investors and traders with major financial backing. These trades are so large, they are privately negotiated off exchange.


Bull Trades Sentiment Tab on our Dashboard indicates which Sweeps/Trades were Sold on the Bid or Bought on the Ask.

Calls Sold on Bid = Bearish
Calls Bought on Ask = Bullish
Puts Sold on Bid = Bullish
Puts Bought on Ask = Bearish

Real Time Option Order Flow Tracking

Our platform is algorithmically built to monitor all the essential details needed to gauge sentiment in Sweep/Trade orders coming thru from Unusual Options Activity. With our custom filters you can scan for exactly what you want and filter out the noise.


Bull Trades shows a Macro Level view of what’s being traded and organizes it in an easy to follow table. Filterable by any date.

Historical Flow

Bull Trades provides historical flow for any Ticker going back 12 months. Filter by ticker, a specific date period and input how many results you would like to see in Display tab.

Bull Trades Platform

Here’s what’s included with your Membership:


  • Unusual Options Order Flow
  • Powerful algorithmic flow detection at your fingertips.
  • Historical Flow going back 12 months.
  • Snapshot showing Macro-Level view of what’s being traded.
  • Dark Pool & Equity Block Prints (Coming Soon)


  • Live 24/7 Chatroom
  • Advanced Trading Signals (Entries/Exits)
  • Actionable Insights (World Class Market Research delivered Daily)
  • Technical Chat (Premium Chatroom for any Technical Questions)
  • Dark Pool & Large Block Order Flow
  • Bull Trades University (Step by Step Trading Education Program)
  • and more

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