Real-Time Unusual Options Activity

This proprietary tool allows you to track unusual options activity and see how Smart Money is trading. Our Analyst search through these orders and provide high quality Entry/Exit Alerts on the highest quality trades setups.

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Our goal in trading is to make money consistently, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Longevity and consistency is what separates Professional traders from Retail Traders and we aim to help our members trade like Professionals.

  • Unusual Options Order Flow
  • Advanced Trading Signals (Entries/Exits from Analyst)
  • Historical Flow going back 12 months.
  • Snapshot showing Macro-Level view of trades.
  • Dark Pool & Equity Block Prints (Coming Soon)

Follow Bull Trades Analyst

As they navigate through the unusual options activity and look for the highest quality setups while sharing knowledge with members.

Real-Time Order Flow
Real-Time Order Flow
Our platform is algorithmically built to monitor all the essential details needed to gauge sentiment in Sweep/Trade orders coming thru from Unusual Options Activity. With our custom filters you can scan for exactly what you want and filter out the noise.
Bull Trades shows a Macro Level view of what’s being traded and organizes it in an easy to follow table. Filterable by any date.
Historical Flow
Historical Flow
Bull Trades provides historical flow for any Ticker going back 12 months. Filter by ticker, a specific date period and input how many results you would like to see in Display tab.
Advanced Trading Signals
Advanced Trading Signals
Our Analysts monitor the market daily and provide high quality signals based on Technicals, Fundamentals, and our Advanced Algorithm.
Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights
Our Analyst provide world class market research daily so you don’t have to.
Collaborative Learning
Collaborative Learning
Our 24/7 Chatroom is filled with a community of traders focused on improving and helping other traders reach their full potential.

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